The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum
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The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum

Why You Need to Know Proper Etiquette

In today's society and workforce, business and social communications are crossing cultural borders to implement diversity for the purpose of creating a global brand. These interpersonal dealings require acceptance, interaction, and knowledge of protocol. Your success not only depends on how good you are at what you do but also on an international mindset and the ingenuity to effectively commune across cultures.

The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum
The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between authenticity and practicing proper etiquette by removing discomfort and promoting acceptance, respect, and interconnection.

The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum

Company Goals

Here at AAED, we know how important it is to know who you are and love what you do. Our main objective is to bring out your inner nobility to help you present your best self in the world of business and elite social settings. The composition of the world's economy runs the cultural gamut, and it's our goal to make you completely comfortable practicing proper etiquette.

The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum
The American Academy of Etiquette and Decorum


"Politeness and consideration for others are like investing pennies and getting dollars back." ~Thomas Sowell


My three children attended a class recently. My oldest son (13) was extremely hesitant, but he absolutely loved it! They have been using the tools that they learned. They have asked to go back for another session. I am very impressed by what was accomplished in one evening.

My children loved their experience! They continue to demonstrate the dining etiquette skills that were learned during their session.

Courtney hosted a tea party for my daughter’s birthday that was amazing! My daughter and her guests had so much fun learning and being fancy. Several of the guests’ parents have utilized Courtney’s services since then because they were highly impressed as well.

My daughter has taken a few classes and loved it. We are always impressed with the professionalism shown and my daughter has been shining her light since she has taken the etiquette classes. It’s been a wonderful resource for my daughter and she has enjoyed learning and teaching the rest of her family what she has learned. If you get the opportunity to take a class, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

My daughter attended Courtney’s class and gained so much insight on proper etiquette and manners. Courtney did a great job of keeping it simple, but reinforcing the “why” behind executing the right behaviors. I would highly recommend this session.

My 7 year old daughter took this class last October and is still correcting people’s dinner etiquette. And she speaks highly of her time in the class. She would love to go again.

My teenage daughter is very hard to impress, but immediately after she left the class, she said she LOVES Courtney.